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We clean everything from hobs and dishwashers to washing machines and tumble dryers. Restore your kitchen appliances to their former glory

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The Best Appliance Cleaning Services

In no time at all, we can restore your appliances to factory-fresh condition, keeping them looking, smelling and working great.

  • We Provide Qualified & Expert Cleaners
  • Improve your appliance’s lifespan, efficiency, and looks
  • Get rid of bad odours & persistent stains
  • Safe environmentally friendly antibacterial detergents
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Fully Trained & Insured Cleaners
WeClean4U - Appliance Cleaning Services
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Dirt, dust, grease, grime and mould can leave your appliances looking tired, and block your filters. A professional white good clean will restore them to their former glory in no time, and it’s cheaper than replacing them.

Our professional cleaning is more than skin deep. As well as a complete clean, we use professional descale and degreaser to ensure all pipes and outlets are cleaned too.

Our white goods appliance cleaning services are also useful for landlords looking to keep expensive appliances working longer. A small investment in cleaning today can save substantial amounts on replacement costs tomorrow.

It’s super simple to book The WeClean4U appliance cleaning services. Please schedule a booking HERE and one of our consultants will get in touch with you in a couple of minutes for further details and to potentially schedule a visit to provide an estimate.

It’s super affordable. Please refer to the prices page HERE.

In most cases we have a cleaner in or near your area. They can pop in whenever it’s convenient for you to have a look and provide you an estimate of time and cost required. Please schedule an appointment HERE for an estimate. 

For our appliance cleaning services, we have most of our cleaners in the South East of London and Kent areas, though we are expanding so soon we should have even more coverage. Please refer to the bottom of this website for a more detailed list of areas we cover or alternatively, please get in touch HERE.

Fridge/Freezer – Before the cleaning, the technicians will remove all detachable parts such as drawers, shelves, and glass and place them into a cleaning tank to soak. All internal parts of the fridge, including the door rubber seals, will be carefully wiped out with antibacterial detergents. The removable parts are thoroughly cleaned and dried before placed back. Lastly, the appliance is wiped with a dry cloth, turned on, and ready to be used.

Microwave – The microwave cleaning service involves thorough cleaning the outside and inside of the appliance using a degreasing detergent. For microwaves with removable plates, the latter is taken out, scrubbed, and dried separately.

Hob – Whether you are an owner of electric, ceramic, or gas ones, the cleaners scrub them manually, using professional cleaning tools. Any removable parts are placed in a dip tank filled with hot water and degreasing detergent. This gets rid of any burnt-on grease and food deposits, before the parts are cleaned using a cloth and placed back.

Extractor – The technicians remove and clean the extractor’s filters using strong antibacterial detergents that make quick work of any grease. All other parts of the extractor are then wiped and the filters are put back in place. Bear in mind that our extractor cleaning service does not include cleaning of the extractor’s motors.

Dishwasher – First we remove the lower basket and rack of the dishwasher and take the filter out. The filter is then placed in a tank filled with strong antibacterial detergents. We then proceed to clean the door seals and edges with non-caustic cream. Lastly, we finish our dishwasher cleaning service by placing the filter fill back into the dishwasher and running a fast cycle, to make sure everything works fine, leaving your dishwasher clean and sanitized.

Tumble dryer – Our tumble dryer cleaning method includes taking out both the top filter and the bottom one. The top filter retains moisture and the one in the bottom gathers dirt. The filters are cleaned using certified detergents and inserted back into their slots. Lastly, all reachable surfaces of the dryer are thoroughly cleaned.

Washing machine – Our professional washing machine cleaning service starts by taking out the drawer of the appliance and cleaning it thoroughly. Afterwards, the cleaners remove and sanitize the filter as well as the cavity around. They will also wipe the door and the body of the appliance, inside and out. Lastly, the washing machine is run on a short cycle to ensure everything works properly.

No, our cleaners are vetted and are happy to hold your house keys. We will provide you with a Key Acknowledgement Form for your cleaner to sign.

Yes, we offer flexible services for an additional fee. There are no additional charges for our weekend appointments.

It depends on the appliances size and condition. Our goal is to bring you the best possible results while working in the most efficient manner.

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